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About AIMGO Water

AIMGO provides high quality ROWater with affordable prices compare to other brands.We believe in helping more people to have a better choices at lower costs.RO systems are typiccally 5 stage systems that use five separate and unique filter cartridges to address different contaminants.They include one sediment filter,one RO membrance and three carbon filters.Reverse Osmosis may reduce pH levels somewhat as it removes unhealthy inorganic minerals from tap water.

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At Aimgo Water, our mission is to serve our customers the best and safest drinking water.

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A reasonable rates for Aimgo Water customers in order to enjoy the best drinking water in their daily life.

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Our professional drivers and friendly customer service will ensure your water are delivered to your destination on-time.

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To ensure customers enjoy the best and safest quality from Aimgo water without worrying .


Aimgo PremiumRO & Alkaline Water

Aimgo Alkaline Water Reverse Osmosis gives you the finest RO Water by first stripping the water clean of virtually all contaminants.


Aimgo Natural Mineral Water

Aimgo Natural Mineral Water is cleansed deep within the earth by natural filtration, taking on the natural minerals from its sources.


Custom LabelBottled Water

Aimgo manufactures one of the most unique and innovative marketing and promotional tools available – your own personalized bottle of RO Alkaline Water or Mineral Water.


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With over 10 years of experience, we have served many happy customers & clients that we enjoyed working with, giving the best drinking water to our  customers.

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