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About Us

About Us

AboutAimgo Water

AIMGO provides high quality ROWater with affordable prices compare to other brands.We believe in helping more people to have a better choices at lower costs.RO systems are typiccally 5 stage systems that use five separate and unique filter cartridges to address different contaminants.

We include one sediment filter,one RO membrance and three carbon filters.Reverse Osmosis may reduce pH levels somewhat as it removes unhealthy inorganic minerals from tap water.


Our Mision IsBest In The Business!

At Aimgo Water, our top priority is to be able to serve the best and safest drinking water to our customers.


We will educate the leaders of today and tomorrow about drinking water quality issues to realize our goal of safe drinking water being available to every Malaysian.


To reaffirm and promote all people’s right to safe drinking water.

WhyAimgo Water

Interested to know more about our products?

At Aimgo Water, we aim for the best in serving the safest and cleanest drinking water for Aimgo customers. With our technology in Reverse Osmosis and purified drinking water, we offer you the best choice you ever had.

Aimgo Water has a complete line of Reverse Osmosis System to suit almost any application for homes, offices, factories, restaurants, aquariums, fish farms, ships, etc.

Aimgo Water also combines filtration with added minerals to create a fresh, clean, and premium tasting water that is pure and delicious. Aimgo Mineral Water contains minerals and/or other dissolved substances, that provides therapeutic value to the customers.

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